Web Site Hosting and Development

Daxxum has been providing outstanding, reliable web services to our valuable cliental for over a decade. Let us help you design and implement a web strategy for your business that will give you a competitive advantage. In today’s market, it is essential that your web site is search engine optimized.  Develop a web presence that will promote your business, and make you money.

Our knowledgeable and friendly support representatives provide 24/7 service. We are never closed. We not only save you money and productivity, using our innovative strategy of proactive maintenance, continual monitoring, and progressive design, but we also make you money by making it easier for your customers to find you.  We provide support for optimal response to any situation. Our goal is to predict changing needs and prepare for them before a problem arises. We design web sites that allow you to grow with ease and stability.

Daxxum is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensable asset to over 40 successful enterprises.

We provide the following services:

  • Web Site Design
  • Domain Certification and Registration
  • Hosting Services
  • Continuous Back-up and restoration services
  • Around the clock security monitoring and unmatched protection
  • Domain Appraisals
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Maintenance and support
  • Domain monitoring and Back ordering
  • Email Services
  • Express Email Marketing
  • Online Group Calendar
  • Website maintenance
  • SSL Certificates
  • Merchant Accounts
  • Quick Shopping Cart
  • Traffic Facts
  • Traffic Blazer

Don’t lose out to your competition!  Discover the power that peace of mind can bring.

Call Daxxum today! You can’t afford not to.